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Every now and then I’ll torture myself when returning from a visit to the Chino Valley by taking the 71 Freeway north through Pomona, where the 71 is merely a divided highway with traffic signals and very slow traffic, particularly at Mission Boulevard. It’s a change of pace for me and always interesting to see that part of town — which the congestion allows me to do at discouraging length.

Until the 71 is one day turned into a real freeway, Pomona is doing what it can by building a bridge over the 71 to handle Mission Boulevard traffic and thus eliminate the main bottleneck. As you can see, the work seems to be coming along — although not soon enough to have sped up traffic on Saturday, when I shot this.

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  • Dee

    LOL, so you meant the intersection of Mission and the 71 and not a QUEST. 😀

    [Getting through that intersection is Mission impossible. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I vary my walking routes and, also, my driving routes–only on surface streets. I had read that changing routine routes strengthens the brain. I would never take a torture-route like you did. I’m glad you survived, and your brain is all the better for it.