Food truck fest is Saturday


Are you going? The first Inland Empire Food Truck Festival takes place Saturday at Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. More than 50 food trucks will take over the arena’s parking lot all day, providing a sort of smorgasbord on wheels. Some from this truck, some from that truck…

Customers pay a fee of $10 to enter the festival and then can purchase items at whichever trucks they like.

I have my ticket (bought at the box office at the earlybird rate of $8). Will I see you there?

Food trucks, as you may know, are a hot trend around the streets of L.A. We don’t see many of them in our end of L.A. County and they’re currently banned (other than for special occasions like this) in San Bernardino County, making this a welcome event.

I’m no expert on food truck culture, so I can’t say with any certainty if the list is heavy or light on the good trucks, but the list certainly has some evocative names. Kogi isn’t among them, but Coolhaus, Bacon Mania, the Grilled Cheese Truck, Nom Nom and Frysmith are names I’ve heard, and the fact that they’re coming bodes well.

Anyone more versed in food trucks want to rate the lineup or recommend trucks/items?

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  • Ramona

    Sadly for me, the phrase “food truck” evokes images of the “roach coach” which used to come by work during morning breaks and at lunch time. We had a pool going as to which plant employee would drop from food poisoning.

    If you survive your adventure and live to tell us about which trucks you patronized, I may have to adjust my thinking. I’d especially like to hear more about Bacon Mania. Mmmmmmm, bacon.

    Followed up, of course, by a gooey chocolate dessert. Mmmmmmm, chocolate.

    (Dratted, dreaded Captcha is being touchy again!)

    [Sigh. — DA]

  • Bobby G.

    Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the Grillenium Falcon will be in attendance either.

    [Love the name. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    $10 just to get to buy street food off a truck?

    Pomona’s 2nd Street Art Walk this past week had 6 or 7 trucks that included tapas, crepes, NY burgers, and other cuisines (I didn’t take notes but there were no two alike). AND it didn’t cost a cent to walk up to the truck and buy what you wanted.

    I also attended the LAWineFest in Hollywood on Sunday and, with an entrance fee of $40 you got unlimited wine tasting and a dozen trucks you could buy from (I had Wagyu sliders and a side of sweet potato and pepper jack cheese croquettes with a chipotle aioli–yummy).

    I think $10 to get the privilege to buy something off a street truck is pretty horrific. But then we’re in a recession so we can all afford it, no?

    [My impression is that admission to a street food festival such as this isn’t unusual, but my impression could be wrong. Maybe we’re paying for the gas to drive all the trucks here from L.A. — DA]

  • Marlene

    Not thrilled about the fee, although we also bought our tickets in advance at CBB Arena. I did eat at “The Greasy Wiener” when they were at the drag races in Pomona in February. (Insert Anthony Weiner joke here.) It was very tasty! You should be able to find me near the Grilled Cheese Truck…

  • Jen

    I would never attend this when I can visit the trucks for free. However, I can personally vouch for 3 absolutely fantastic trucks. The wait is worth it for the Grilled Cheese Truck — we love their signature sandwich which is grilled cheese with smoked pork (or beef, I forget) and grilled onions. Mandoline Grill makes an addictive banh mi taco and Komodo has awesome but messy carne asada tacos. Please let us know what you think after the food fest!

    [Will do, Jen, and thanks for the tips. — DA]

  • Andy

    One can visit the food trucks for free but is it worth the gas? When I lived in P-town, I would occasionally go to LA for food trucks. Now living in Rancho Nowhere, it’s certainly not worth going all the way to LA for some food trucks. The $10 saves you on the gas.

    The food trucks made their way out to Diamond Bar.. namely Kogi and Get Shaved… but after several very successful visits, Dbar ejected them.

    Long story short if SBDO has a ban on them, I hope they can park at the Claremont Village just over the SBDO border such that SBDO ppl can enjoy without having to hike out to the OC or Rowland Heights.