Restaurant of the Week: Oporto

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Oporto, 8220 Haven Ave. (at Foothill), Rancho Cucamonga

Oporto is an Australia-based restaurant chain that opened its first U.S. location in (why not?) Rancho Cucamonga. A quirky way to launch, I suppose, but we would expect no less from the Aussies. The website promises coming locations in Ontario and Glendora. We appreciate their laser-like focus.

The Rancho Cucamonga restaurant is in the former Pei Wei location, much missed by some of us, in the Chaffey Town Square center at the southwest corner of Haven and Foothill. Oporto opened in February. I went in with a friend recently for dinner.

They specialize in Portuguese-style chicken, unbreaded and unfried, served either as whole chickens or in a variety of sandwiches, in which the chicken is pressed and served as one, two or three stacked “patties.” It’s a casual, order-at-the-counter place, with an overhead menu of similar-looking sandwiches whose variations can only be read when standing directly underneath it.

We had a single Bondi meal (one-patty sandwich, fries, drink, $5), which has “chilli” sauce, and a double Otropo meal (ditto, but with two patties, $7), which has pineapple, bacon and “creamy mayo” sauce.

Well, it was no Pei Wei, but the sandwiches were tasty, and served on above-average buns. The crusty fries were different, enjoyable, but salty. I would go back and so would my friend. (*Correction: She says she wouldn’t.) The food is very different from Chick-fil-A but of comparable quality. There’s plenty of seating indoors and a large patio.

Throw another chicken on the…oh, never mind.

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  • RCaussie


    What does that mean?

    [Sorry, that should be “Australia-based.” I’ll fix that. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    My wife and daughter have eaten here… much to my surprise, because I’d never heard of the place until it showed up in your blog. They both rated it “Okay.” We checked with an Australian ex-pat friend of ours, now residing in Chino Hills, who called this place the In-n-Out of Australia. Which actually makes it sound kind of good to me.

    [See if they’ll make your chicken sandwich animal-style. — DA]

  • Celeste F

    We’ve vacationed in Australia and loved going to Oporto for a quick lunch. So when we heard it was in Rancho Cucamonga we had to give it a try. It did not disappoint. The sandwiches and sauces were as we remembered. We Americans are used to huge portions, so Oporto’s tasty sandwiches may look small to our eyes. In Australia a medium drink is equivalent to a child-sized drink served here. Also free refills are not offered. We hope that Oporto becomes as successful here as it is in Australia.

  • shirley wofford

    That bun looks good. I won’t go to a restaurant unless they have nice buns. But that “creamy mayo” sauce would be a deal-breaker for me.

  • Andy

    Just FYI, you let them know you’re a local Cucamonga resident they might give you a 10% off card good until the end of the year…

  • james

    That was not a fresh grilled chicken… tasted like it was out of the microwave. Worst $14.00 I’ve ever spent. No flavor..they try to cover it with mayo…

  • Diamond Dave

    Gave it a try just after they moved in, tried the Bondi meal, and like James said, “NO FLAVOR.” An employee came around and asked how it was and I told her not that great, she said the chicken was better. I gave it a try, and Juan Pollo reheated on their worst day is still better.