‘Gimme an Ovitt with everything’


Back in February I wrote a few lines in my column about the debut of the Ovitt Meatloaf Sandwich, served at the Page One Cafe adjoining Ontario’s Ovitt Family Community Library (215 E. C St). But I didn’t present a photo.

Let me rectify that oversight with this loving photo of the sandwich ($7.50), which consists of sliced meatloaf on a sourdough roll dressed with garlic butter, sliced provolone, shredded parmesan and horseradish mayo. It’s named for Gary Ovitt, the current county supervisor and former mayor for whom meatloaf was a childhood favorite.

Supporting your local library is rarely this delicious — or is this fattening.

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  • Wendy Leung

    I like my Ovitt sandwich with all the fixings but hold the bad jokes, please.

  • Bob House

    This glorious creation completely makes up for the previously featured sandwich with pineapple and (I can barely type it) mayo. I abhor pineapple on anything savory, but had no idea how it could be worse until I saw the Aussie sandwich with mayo.

    And I had always considered Autralians to be down-to-earth, “just here for a good time” blokes. Now I am suspicious of them. And it’s not just this sandwich — according to Wikipedia, more pizzas with pineapple are sold in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

    [You’ve learned two valuable lessons here today, Bob. Things can always be worse. And be skeptical of Australians. — DA]

  • http://www.yelp.com/biz/page-one-cafe-ontario Reader

    You should Yelp this! See link.

    Are you a Yelp-er, Dave?

    [Only when I drop something on my foot. — DA]

  • Dennis

    I’m a vegetarian and I thought that the reason the meatloaf sandwich was named after Gary Ovitt was because the ground meat in that meatloaf is full of fecal matter, just like most politicians are.

    [Must be the secret ingredient. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I don’t care much for eating meatloaf in restaurants, because it is loaded with fillers that make it taste like cardboard. I abhor buffet restaurants more than any dish. I have been having to eat at Hometown Buffet every other month, for the R.P.E.A. lunch meetings–I had found that meatloaf is the best, main dish they have. When I eat there again in August, I think I might have a hard time, if I think back, and recall Dennis’s comment. Thanks a lot, Dennis.