Restaurant of the Week: Molly’s Souper

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Molly’s Souper, 388 N. 1st Ave. (at D Street), Upland

Is there a more charming restaurant in Upland? Molly’s, located cater-corner from the library, is in a 1912 house with dining inside in one of several first-floor rooms, one of which has a fireplace and all of which look like grandma’s house, or outside on an L-shaped patio surrounded by a white picket fence.

They serve breakfast and lunch daily. Breakfasts include all the staples, plus relatively rare items including apple pancakes and mimosa. You can also get green eggs and ham, but I’ve never dared. Pictured is bacon, eggs and country potatoes.

Lunch is salads, sandwiches and, of course, soup (it’s Molly’s Souper, after all). A half sandwich and cup of soup is $8.50 and comes with a tiny cup of apple crisp. Awww. Pictured is egg salad and tortellini soup, both fine.

On a warm or hot day, the patio is recommended. The wooden tables and chairs are quaint, the umbrellas big enough to shade everyone and keep you reasonably cool.

The house was converted to a restaurant in 1972 named the Souper and has been owned by Molly Brouse since 1990. I’ve been an occasional customer for years. The food is good, the ambience is better and the service is always friendly.

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  • Will Plunkett

    I’ve always enjoyed this place, for breakfast or for lunch. But I don’t go there all that often.

  • Loni Terry

    Molly’s Souper is quite quaint…but I can get a whole sandwich and a side at Pizza N Such in Claremont for the same price. Maybe a half of a sandwich in Upland is gracious…but I need to get my money’s worth.

  • Alex Benes

    Hi David,

    I hope one night you’ll let me have you taste the pulled pork and the giant short rib. I think you’ll enjoy both.

    All the best,
    Alex Benes
    Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill

  • I’m Very Serious

    Wait, wait, wait… Apple Pancakes? As in, “baked in an oven” Apple Pancakes?

    Please, please respond before breakfast.

    [No, like pancakes with apple topping. I think you have to drive to Original Pancake House in Yorba Linda for the baked in an oven kind. — DA]

  • mike

    Molly’s is a nice cozy place, unfortunately it is way overpriced. Try Red Hill Cafe sometime.

  • Jerry De Rego

    Mike is right. Try the Red Hill Cafe.

    It’s on Foothill Blvd a block or two going East before Sierra in Fontana.

    The food is way yummy but get there early as they close around noon.
    What’s with that?

    I haven’t been back since they remodeled so it might be easier to get a table.

    [Mike was probably referring to Red Hill in RC, so Jerry’s advice will probably baffle many of you, but yes, there’s another Red Hill Cafe in Fontana. — DA]

  • It’s also DOG FRIENDLY too!! Bring your dog or pup. There’s a play area for your dog, a dog menu, dogs can dine with you on the patio.