‘Workaholics’ stars spoof RC

A Comedy Central sitcom, “Workaholics,” is set at a fictional telemarketing firm, TelAmeriCorp., in nonfictional Rancho Cucamonga.

The stars, Adam DeVine and Anders Holm, recently produced a short spoof video for Fuel TV in which they mock-tout the attractions of Rancho Cucamonga, described as “conveniently located 38 miles east of Los Angeles.” (The video must contain the single most unattractive angle for Victoria Gardens.)

Proving there’s no hard feelings, the city’s redevelopment agency posted the video on its website, despite the description by the Fuel TV host of Rancho Cucamonga as “an industrial working-class city.” Uh, really?

Watch the video here.

“Rancho Cucamonga? It’s Cucamongo!!” the duo exclaim at the end.

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  • Kent

    Aren’t these the same guys who spend 23 hours a day stoned or at least trying to get stoned?

    [They took an hour off for the video. Maybe. — DA]

  • Matt

    Rancho Cucamonga is one of the most beautiful cities in the nation. Downtown Rancho Cucamonga’s Victoria Gardens is so successful that suburbs in France and South Korea are copying the design. I like to call Victoria Gardens a little piece of Europe surrounded by the burbs. A kind of European Levittown. A breath of fresh air from the hokey American mini mall or other horrible things American suburbs tend to build.

    I guess you don’t know what a great city Rancho is until you live here. If you look at downtown Santa Barbara and downtown Rancho Cucamonga on google earth, they look very similar. Cucamonga is just a brand new inland version of downtown Santa Barbara, and I like it and so do the tourists with 20 million visits per year.

    Very few cities are as nice as Rancho Cucamonga. Most cities are rundown, ugly, and civilly and financially bankrupt. Thankfully not mine.

    The city does have its flaws but I’ll take manicured lawns and McMansions any day over rundown rentals with stray animals running about and shoes hanging over the power poles. New York City…at least my sidewalks don’t smell of piss.

  • Jaime

    Wow Matt, how can you say all that!? I grew up in Rancho Cucamonga and moved away to the bay area a few years ago. RC is a terrible place! Urban sprawl, horrible smog, traffic, etc. The list goes on and on. This place is full of strip malls and fast food chains and big box retailers.

    What it really is, is a wannabe orange county. As much as the OC sucks, at least it has the beach and slightly clearer skies. Rancho is a dump…the best part of that area are the parts where there is still a little bit of untouched nature. It’s too bad everything has been paved over because the foothills and wildlife there is amazing. I grew up to the smells of pine and sage and will never forget that.

    If strip malls, big box retailers, little variety, homogenized over crowded housing tracts and smoggy skies, lifted trucks, lots of bros and pesticide laden lawns and food choices are your thing, come to Rancho Cucamonga!