53959-normssign 006.jpg

For Sunday’s column item about the new Norms restaurant sign in Claremont at the Indian Hill exit of the 10 Freeway, I needed a photo to illustrate the sign’s height. I shot a few from Auto Center Drive, seen above, and from across Indian Hill Boulevard.

Unsatisfied with the results, though, I took my life in my hands and tried a few from the freeway itself. I headed west and pulled over onto the shoulder for this slightly askew shot out my window.

53960-normssign 016.jpg

Exiting at Towne, I turned around to head east on the 10 and, near the Indian Hill exit, pulled over to the shoulder for this shot, below, through my windshield.

53961-normssign 019.jpg
53962-normssign 022.jpg

Continuing down the exit ramp and then up the onramp eastbound, I pulled over to the shoulder, leaned out the window and shot the one above that also includes the Hotel Claremont sign.

I don’t know if all this was worth it, but these attempts ought to get the idea across: It’s a tall sign. And my pulse rate was likewise elevated.

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  • Danny Holznecht

    David, Just trying to get U to the Luau today at Indian Hill Villas, we can see Norms from here! Mayor Sam will be pumping iron around 3 and after. Danny in the 909 @ 437-2107

  •!/ronald.scott1 Ronald Scott

    Cant wait for Norms to open, my Grandma used to take me to the one out in Torrance when I used to live out that way when I was a kid. 4 decent family restaurant choices over in that area with BC Cafe, Dennys, Garden Square and now Norms.

    [The mayor told me Claremont will be the breakfast capital of the region! — DA]

  • Dee

    Dave, LOL, you have to get a hobby. You’ve got more pictures of that sign than I have of my first born.

    [I bet if your first-born were 99 feet tall, you’d have more photos. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    Now all those TV commercials that’ve been on for years won’t be such out-of-town teases.

  • Karen Brown

    Dave, it’s unfortunate you had to capture all that trash on the side of the freeway. Doesn’t I-10 have a litter patrol?

  • judi

    “Normans…” -Diane

    [Heh. — DA]

  • Misa Garcia

    Does anyone know the actual opening day!? Can’t wait!