’30 Scoops’ project rates ice cream


An LA Weekly food writer, following up her “30 Burgers in 30 Days” project, downed “30 Scoops in 30 Days,” bingeing on ice cream and gelato. Unlike her meat marathon, this one brought her to the 909.

Elina Shatkin visited Handel’s in Upland and concluded: “If all you ever know of Upland is this strip-mall ice cream shop, it’s well worth the trip.” (I hope she visited San Biagio’s too while she was there.)

Shatkin also visited Farrell’s in Santa Clarita; a Farrell’s has been proposed for Rancho Cucamonga, and longtime residents will remember the long-defunct one at Montclair Plaza.

Her wrapup gives Handel’s an honorable mention and lists Dr. Bob’s at the L.A. County Fair as a bonus — while giving the Fair’s location as Claremont. Has the Fair moved from Pomona? This might be her 31st scoop.

Great writeups, though. Her visits — see the full list here — even included Rite Aid for its delicious Chocolate Malted Krunch flavor.

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  • Will Plunkett

    My family remembers the original Handel’s from Youngstown OH. I love going back there, getting the same great food, but at lower Midwest ice cream prices! I often give gift cards to Handel’s as gifts, and all have been pleased at the quality (of the ice cream, not the card) and taste.

    [The taste of the card? — DA]

  • Ramona

    How does one go about getting a job where one is paid to eat?

    Any openings at the DB?

    What would the resumes of applicants look like. Stained with food splatters most likely.

    I remember Farrell’s fondly, but I never qualified for the “I Made a Pig of Myself at Farrell’s” t-shirt. Maybe I’m not cut out to be a professional eater after all.

    [So, no need to eat your heart out, then? — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    The mention of Farrell’s brings back memories. The one in Montclair was where we would celebrate our kids’ birthdays.

    On our son’s 12th, the waiter first spilled his water, just as he was putting it down, in front of him. When he came back with another tray of water filled glasses, he went to put it down, and spilled that one too.

    Amongst all the giggles, there was a line of of waiters and sirens trailing throughout the dining crowd, carrying the featured creation over their heads, and putting it down before the recipient diner. It was a huge concoctional glup of something, I think they called, “The Trough”.

    (A sad remembrance of many years ago, concerning a Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor in northern CA: A plane crashed into the building, killing many diners.)

    I don’t know why the Montclair Farrell’s closed–it was a fun place, for families.

    At Handel’s in Upland, every Wednesday is $1-scoop day. The person, who sometimes waits on me, tells me what I am going to order, before I open my mouth–double-scoop, Butter Pecan, with a cake cone. It’s to die for.

    [Always nice to be remembered, isn’t it? — DA]

  • valarie

    HANDEL’S is the best, creamiest ice cream on the entire planet.

    You MUST try it!

    [She’s right, it’s very good. — DA]

  • Dee

    We had a craving a while back for some good Hadley’s dates. We drove all the way out there to pick up the dates and feast on date shakes…only to later discover they carry the dates at Costco and the shakes at Disneyland. Oh well, it was a fun drive anyway.

    Years and years ago, Sav-On was the place to get ice cream. A single scoop was a nickel and a double was a dime. They stopped selling it, but Rite Aid (formerly Thrifty) has the same flavors. I still prefer their chocolate chip to the gourmet varieties.

    [Hadley’s is another Inland Empire place on the list, out in the Coachella Valley. I meant to stop there on my way back from Arizona this spring to give them a try but missed the turnoff. I’ve had a date shake elsewhere and like the LA Weekly writer don’t see the appeal. — DA]

  • Fred Henderson

    Hi David:

    Shirley, are you thinking of the Farrell’s Zoo — a monster bucket of ice cream, fruits, toppings, etc. and always a hit at kid’s parties. I remember eating lunch there one day when a waiter was carrying one to a party. He slipped and fell head first into it. A mess but all in good fun.

    Loved their food, ice cream and candy section. Too bad all good things come to an end.

    Fred Henderson
    Everett, WA

    [But since Farrell’s is mounting a comeback, there’s a new beginning, right? Today the waiter falling into the Zoo would go viral as a video, but we’ll just have to picture the scene and chuckle. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois


    I remember Farrell’s as well but my all time favorite was Betsy Ross. That was THE place to go on Friday nights after football games. Great food and great memories!

    [I should post about Betsy Ross sometime. — DA]

  • Shirley Wofford

    To Fred: Our diner was called, “Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor”. But, it was like a zoo in there. Considering the names of our respective establishments, it is probable that they were each part of the same food-conglomerate.

    [By “Farrell’s Zoo,” Fred was referring to a menu item at Farrell’s. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Dearest Shirley, you didn’t really consider what Fred was trying to explain to you. The “trough” was for 1 person and if you ate it all, then you got all the “goodies” that said I made a pig of myself at Farrell’s. The “Zoo” was run around the restaurant by 2 people with sirens, bells and whistles going off until they found the right table which usually had a minimum of 5-10 people there.

  • shirley wofford

    Bob, it might have been the zoo, it might have been the trough, but after 45 years, who cares.

  • Bob House

    Wondering if any other readers remember the Currie’s ice cream chain? There were several locations in Southern California in the 50s– I was familiar with the Redlands outlet which was on Hwy 99, now the 10. See a photo of a Currie’s location on Flickr and note the giant 3D cone with the distinctive “rocket shaped” scoop of ice cream that marked many of the locations. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dyingindowney/2373157778/

    Also from the 50s, “Valerie Jean’s”, near Indio, on the west side of the Salton Sea was the place to stop for all things “date” in the 40s and 50s. After years of my father refusing to stop there on the way to my grandparents, he finally relented. Nothing was ever quite so disappointing as a date shake after all that anticipation. See 40s photo of Valerie Jean’s here: http://www.29palmshistorical.com/historicalPhotos/ValerieJeansDateShop-ca1940s.php