This exit sign on the westbound 10 Freeway is supposed to say Mountain. I can’t tell what’s up with the U, but there’s either some paint or remnants of a previous letter or something making the U look sort of like an N. The first item of Friday’s column is about the sign. Have you ever noticed the problem?

* Caltrans was out Friday morning to fix the sign. “It appears the ‘u’ flipped over and became an ‘n,’ ” says spokeswoman Terri Kasinga. Mystery solved.

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  • James Rodriguez

    Dave, that’s the way to take pictures of our freeways, with the camera pointing UP. So as not to show the trash along the bottom.

    [Heh. In my defense, that section is uphill, unlike where the Norms sign is. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Lt. David Allen, CSI – Ontario (Crime Sign Investigation)

  • Brent

    On the truck, J.B. HUNT appears to be _B.hUNT at first notice. 🙂

    [Maybe this should have been a what’s-wrong-with-this-picture contest. — DA]