Restaurant of the Week: Taqueria Los Magueyes

54221-losmagueyes 001.jpg

Taqueria Los Magueyes, 185 S. Euclid Ave. (at 8th), Upland

This walkup taco stand lies on a quiet stretch of Euclid, a few blocks south of the Civic Center. The 1962-vintage building looks like a classic SoCal burger shack: angled roof, crushed rock facade, an order window and outdoor-only seating.

Actually, though, the building began as Taco Aqui, there from 1962 to 1974, followed by Gus’ Burgers for the next 30 years, according to research by the Upland Public Library. Classic Burger operated from 2003 until Los Magueyes took over in 2010.

As Charles Phoenix put it in “Cruising the Pomona Valley”: “With wings wide spread, this jet age taco and burger stand is ready for takeoff.”

Los Magueyes, presumably an offshoot of the sitdown restaurant in Upland on 16th Street, has tacos, burritos, tortas, sopes, menudo, breakfast items and burgers.

On one of our recent warm evenings I went there for dinner, getting two fish tacos ($1.50 each), a shrimp taco ($2) and a horchata and eating on the patio. The tacos were pretty good, if not on the level of Senor Baja, and the walk-up concept is unusual. It’s like Upland now has its own Juanita’s. Way to go, Upland.

54222-losmagueyes 003.jpg
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  • Gail Fletcher

    When this was Gus’s Burgers, it was a favorite hangout for my kids. I remember when we had the “every other day” gas lines, I used to give them money and send them over while I waited in line with all the other cars to get gas at the ARCO station.

    [Oh, the good old days of gas shortages. — DA]

  • Emily

    Tasty place!! But I believe Upland does have its own Juanita’s (in the Fresh and Easy shopping center on Foothill).

    [Oops, you’re right, although what I meant was Juanita’s with walkup windows, as in Ontario and Pomona. — DA]

  • Dee

    Was that Gus’s Burgers related to the one in Whittier?

    I always wondered.

    [Seems likely; there’s also a Gus’s on Indian Hill in Pomona and there can’t be that many random people named Gus, can there? — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I think the name Gus’s came from the Gushue family who owned the place at the time.