Inland Valley Photo Quiz No. 6


We haven’t done one of these for a while (the fifth quiz was in December), so here we go.

This photo was taken somewhere in the Inland Valley. But where?

Submit your guesses via the comment feature and the answer will be announced here by tomorrow morning.

* Answer: Roberta’s Village Inn, La Verne. Thanks to Alan for the correct guess and the rest of you (John Bredehoft, Michelle Dubas and Shirley Wofford) for trying. More here about Roberta’s later this week.

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  • My guess is Logan’s Candies in Ontario.

    [No. But I’m happy that somebody finally ventured a guess! — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    The cafe adjacent to the Ontario (pardon, Ovitt) Library.

    [No. — DA]

  • Michelle Dubas

    Is it the Iron Skillet in Ontario??? Wherever it is, I want to go there to use the telephone and eat cereal out of those little boxes!!!!

    [Ha ha! Nice guess, but no. — DA]

  • Alan

    This was taken at Roberta’s Village Inn on D st. in La Verne.

    [Yes! — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Is the red public telephone, a piece of nostalgia, not connected to a real phone line? I just got to wondering, because, I can’t feature allowing a phone user, to stand there, holding a conversation that close to the kitchen, with the wait-traffic going back and forth.

    [Does anyone know if it’s a working phone? I shot the photo months ago and didn’t check for a dial tone. — DA]