Dengue Fever at Rhino, 8/13/11

54625-dengue 004.jpg

More than 150 people were inside Claremont’s Rhino Records on Saturday for an instore performance by the Long Beach-based band Dengue Fever, whose Cambodian singer sings mostly in Khmer. The band played for 45 minutes, which was awfully generous for a free performance, and then signed posters, CDs and vinyl.

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  • JMac

    David, is that Kareem Abdul Jabbar playing bass for them?

    [Nah. The bass player is taller. — DA]

  • Mo

    Off topic but did I just see you at Panera Bread? It is 6:45pm Tuesday.

    [Panera La Verne? You did. — DA]

  • Mo

    If you were at Panera bread in La Verne last night, I sure did.