Regarding our restaurant spotlights

You’ve probably noticed our geographical restaurant guide over in the Categories section at lower right. Restaurants that I’ve visited for Restaurant of the Week writeups since this blog began in September 2007 are separated by city for your searching convenience. The lists aren’t at all comprehensive, but they grow longer all the time.

To my knowledge, all of these restaurants are still in operation, even if the writeups are anywhere from one week to nearly four years old. If a restaurant closes, and I know about it, I move the writeup to the Inland Valley Eatin’ category with a note on top that the restaurant has closed. That’s my way of hiding the review so no one drives to the place on my say-so.

If you ever notice that a restaurant in our archives is no longer in business, drop me a line and I’ll take the appropriate action.

In recent weeks I’ve moved Buckboard BBQ (Upland) and Phillips BBQ (Chino) to the Eatin’ file after their closures.

General restaurant topics are also in the Inland Valley Eatin’ category. The Eateries Past subcategory is mostly for “Remember when” posts about various classic restaurants.

While we’re on the subject, older restaurant writeups (2007 and 2008) didn’t have photos, as none of us Bulletin bloggers knew how to incorporate them (our training was zilch), but that’s something I’m very slowly remedying.

I’m not going to re-eat my way through those restaurants, but now and then I’ll revisit a place and at least photograph the exterior. Usually I note here on the home page when photos are added to an old post.

Any questions or comments on any of the above, or on something else regarding my restaurant writeups?

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