Almost perfect

53768-99percent 001.jpg

This dry cleaner offers “full quality service” but is candid enough to admit that 1 percent of its work may fall short. Spotted on Garey Avenue in Pomona.

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  • Dee

    LOL…”Spotted” on Garey Avenue…was that the 1%?

    [Inadvertent, I assure you. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Dee stole my thunder somewhat.

    I was gonna say, “Spotted” on a blog entry about a dry cleaner? Droll, very droll.

    (And I guess I DID say it!)

    [I’m now worried my subconscious sense of humor is better than my conscious sense of humor. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    That looks like my cleaners–Doaks. They are the only cleaners I have used for my clothes, since 1988. (Now that I am retired, I don’t have as much need, as I formerly did, for dry cleaning services–I do hope the same proprietors, I patronized, are still there.)

    That particular, dry cleaning business, was originally owned and operated in Ontario, under a different name, prior to 1988, by a long-time, Ontario, businessman (whose name now escapes me). My boss had sent me, to that business, in Ontario, when I spilled horrible, purple, mimeograph correction fluid on my dress. Nothing could fix it, the owner told me, even though he sympathized. So in that case, there was no 99% success–it was 100% loss.

    When our daughter married, in 1988, we needed to know how to preserve her bridal gown, and another recent bride at the time, had used and recommended Doaks. When I took the bridal gown to Doaks, I discovered that the proprietor was the same gentleman, who had sympathized with me about my dress, in Ontario. They cleaned the bridal gown, and closed it up in an airtight box, for $35. We have the box, in one of our closets, now.

    I wish there were a way to know, if the right dress is in there. I have heard stories, about how former brides have opened their boxes, from their cleaners, and discovered they held dresses, different, from the ones they wore, in their own weddings. I have had horror thoughts, about that, if we ever have a reason, to open the box, holding our daughter’s wedding dress. It makes me feel better, though, knowing that it was boxed up, by Doaks.

    [You’re right, the photo was taken at Doaks. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Based on my daily experiences with people and businesses, it would be a huge improvement if any of them could even get their “Perfect” percentage into the low 70s.