Market on the market

54017-ryans 002.jpg

A few small, family-run convenience stores hang in there, sometimes in older residential neighborhoods where 7-Eleven can’t be bothered. Ontario’s D Street east of Euclid had two such stores within two blocks of each other, Ryan’s (at Campus) and Lisa’s (at Monterey). Ryan’s recently closed and is for lease. Lisa’s remains in business.

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  • Joey Catuara

    During the 60’s when I attended St. George elementary school in Ontario, we stopped at Lisa’s market weekly for cold cuts. Lisa would give each of us kids a slice of salami or cheese. The sandwiches were the best, with oil and vinegar added to the lettuce. I tried Lisa’s this year, and was shocked to learn the current owner still adds oil and vinegar to their sandwiches. Give it a try!

    [Lisa’s was the subject of one of my Restaurant of the Week writeups a couple of years back. I liked my sandwich too. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Looks like a room for rent on the second floor. Whatever you have to pay it’s clearly above the market.

    My apologies . . .

    [Accepted. — DA]

  • Jerry Title

    Hi Dave. Still read all your blogs and columns every week. Still enjoy them.

    As for Lisa’s, when I was 13 (summer of 1943), I went to work for Nate Estrin who was the then owner/operator of the market that is now Lisa’s. I was the first box boy. He lived upatairs with his family. He made me get a social security card so that I could start my “retirement fund.” Still have that card in my wallet.