No kidding

54458-urgentcare 002.jpg

A sign reading “Urgent Care” seems to point to one in a series of dilapidated, fenced-off stone buildings on Base Line Road near the 210 Freeway in Claremont. Rather than a political statement, the sign refers to a clinic on Monte Vista Avenue.

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  • Bob House

    Very sad to see classic Claremont rock architecture languishing. It’s understandable that the structures cannot be moved for use elsewhere, like wooden or stucco buildings. But I can’t believe an enterprising someone hasn’t figured out a way to use them to make a buck where they stand — like Sherwood Florist at Indian Hill and Foothill. Is there something funky about the ownership of the land at the Baseline/210 location?

    [I don’t know the status of the site, which is a couple of acres and mostly vacant. Before the housing crash, a developer was planning to reuse most of the half-dozen structures as part of a condo project. — DA]

  • Susan Tarvin

    I am somewhat happy to know that this corner is finally going to have some improvement. However, I am sad to hear that the house in the above picture will probably be demolished.

    This home was inhabited by the Zozo family. Their daughter graduated with my sister’s class from Claremont High School. When the family moved they went to San Dimas. He has since died but I believe his daughter is still living there. The little wooden house on the corner that is really falling apart was used by the ranch workers as living quarters. In fact many Hispanic laborers called this the ‘honeymoon cottage’, because many were newlyweds and this was one of their first homes.

    My mother’s sister was one of the tenants of this home. My mom is now 93 and loves to tell me stories of Claremont when she and my dad moved to their Bonnie Brae home in 1939 following their marriage that year. In fact my dad worked for Lee Pitzer Sr. At that time there were only two houses on Bonnie Brae north of Baseline. Wow, even I can remember those days! Enjoy your column.