Pomona City Council, 1911 version


What was the Pomona City Council doing 100 years ago this summer? Here’s a report from the Pomona Daily Review from the council’s “monthly” (!) meeting of June 6, 1911, scanned and sent to me practically that long ago by the Library’s Special Collections Dept.

“Col. Midgley,” by the way, owned Midgley Brothers haberdashers at 125 W. 2nd St., described in phone directories and advertisements of the day as being “just a whisper” off Garey Avenue. The 1911 City Directory gave the colonel’s home number, in full, as 319.

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  • I wonder if Col. Midgley appeared during a general public question period, or whether his appearance was a scheduled agenda item.

    And two police at the high school? My high school (several decades later, in Virginia) only had one.

    I also find it interesting that this was an afternoon meeting. I would assume that the mayor and city council positions were not full-time positions, but apparently these men of standing had enough leeway to take the afternoon off from their regular jobs.

    [Maybe they were all bankers and were off at 2. Good point, though; afternoon meetings wouldn’t do much to encourage public input, either. — DA]