Welcome (sort of)!

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Claremont, unwelcoming? Ridiculous. We’d love to have you. Just leave by sundown. Seen on Foothill Boulevard at Monte Vista Avenue, but also on other city-limits signs.

(To be fair, there’s a Tree City USA placard below the “No Parking” sign, but that’s not as funny.)

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  • Bob House

    It doesn’t appear that even draconian measures will restore the pristine Claremont of old. It’s silly, I know, but as someone who grew up there in the 50s and 60s, I am actually still shocked to click on the Daily Bulletin or Claremont Courier website to see a photo of a handcuffed perpetrator sitting on a Claremont curb. Crime in Claremont? Unbelievable.

  • Bob House

    Which is not to say that everyone sitting on a Claremont curb (“About this blogger”, above @ left) is a perpetrator, of course.

    [Of course. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    I think most “Claremonters,” is that correct, have the same concept of supreme existence as the Pomona residents of my youth had. Living above Holt Bl. in the 60’s was a whole, different world. Living in the “Village” and all points north puts “them” in the category of which we are all talking about.

  • shirley wofford

    The gentleman, who complained, in your column on Claremont, that the movie theater, in Claremont, is so crowded, with mainstream fare, that he has to go to Pasadena, needs to face reality. I am sure, that the Laemmle, in Claremont, would have to close down, if it were restricted, to the showing of only foreign and independent movies.

    Even at that, it does play a good menu of foreign and independent films, that are not screened, in the area’s major chain theaters. Also, it picks the cream of the crop, where the mainstream fare is concerned. It is such a pleasant place, and gives seniors a deal, that they can’t get anywhere else.

    Non-seniors might not be aware that there is also a premier card, that can be purchased for $100, and used for ongoing discounts, on admissions and concessions. I hate to see the unnecessary criticism–let’s appreciate what we have, before we lose it.

    [I agree, although in fairness to the gentleman in question, perhaps I didn’t paraphrase him well; my interpretation of his remarks was less that he was criticizing Laemmle and more that he was criticizing Claremont for being less intellectual than its lofty reputation. For true culture, whether movies or food, he was saying, one still must head to Pasadena or L.A. But he told me he does patronize our Laemmle and enjoys the 11 a.m. weekend matinees of indie fare. — DA]

  • bflaska

    Foreign or international films were pretty much all we had at the Village Theater when I was growing up there, or so it seemed. Didn’t bother me too very much … There were plenty of theaters in the surrounding towns for the Hollywood and NY films …