7-Eleven kicks it old school

54856-7-11 002.jpg

This 7-Eleven, on Towne Center Drive in La Verne, often catches my eye when I drive past on Foothill, a half-block away.

Looks very 1970s, doesn’t it? If there’s an older 7-Eleven sign in the valley, I’m not aware of it. The store itself, seen below, seems to have been remodeled.

Every time I passed by I worried the sign would be changed out before I could document it, so I took the time to snap these photos recently. Here they are, for posterity.

But I hope the sign remains for a long time; at least 7 or 11 more years.

54858-7-11 001.jpg
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  • Nita Ulloa

    I live near that 7-11. If you look at the pic that has the liquor sign, you see some really old apartments that are not in very good condition in the background. When you look at the store face on, you see the new senior apt. construction.

    [That’s right, you do. A beautiful-looking complex. — DA]

  • The road sign for this 7-Eleven store is actually from before 1968, so no wonder you were lucky enough to capture it.

    On the store itself, the “three squares” motif that is currently seen on the roof would date from circa 1972 through 1988. The squares on either side of the 7-Eleven square were once red with an art deco pattern.

    ~Ben Edge, Milwaukie, Oregon

    [Ben, thanks for the info, especially about the sign’s age. — DA]