Positively 4th anniversary

The David Allen Blog, as it’s dubbed, today marks four years of existence. Huzzah!

(The subject line above is a Dylan reference, for anyone scratching your head.)

I started blogging Sept. 12, 2007, a bit later than some but earlier than many, and I’m glad I did. The immediacy of a blog compared to print, the control over the material that a blog allows me (in print there may be a photo slated but no room to run it), the give and take with an audience, the compilation of a sort of oral history of the valley through your comments, all make this an enjoyable forum.

It’s always a treat, and an honor, really, when a Google search for some old Inland Valley business brings up one of my posts as nearly the only information online on the subject. We get a lot of new readers that way.

How are we doing? Numbers-wise, pretty good. This blog is neck and neck with the IE Courts blog to be No. 1 in readership among the Bulletin and Sun’s blogs: Some months it’s me, some months it’s Courts. (I would do a hyperlink to Courts but why help them beat me?) After that comes Upland Now and RC Now.

Speaking of numbers, we’ve published 1,370 posts and received 6,064 comments.

How are we doing creatively? That’s for you to say. I know this blog could be better. My newspaper column is my primary focus, obviously, and it takes virtually my entire work week to produce it. This blog is shoehorned in as I have time to work on it, an hour here, an hour there. Regrettable, but there you have it. That’s one reason there’s a lot of photos, frankly; time for original research is scarce.

Still, I hope you enjoy what I’m able to provide here. Any suggestions, comments, questions, criticism or other feedback, please post away. This is your forum too and I’m always curious what you think. And thank you for reading.

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  • DebB

    Well, congratulations on your anniversary! I’m one of those who arrived by following a search for something, but I’ve long since forgotten what. I read your blog every morning, and your column when I can, and always enjoy them very much. Thanks for four great years! I’ll be looking forward to reading you for many more.

    [Glad to hear it, Deb. — DA]

  • Ramona

    Congrats, David. Although it seems that you’ve been a part of my mornings for much longer that 4 years. How time flies whether we’re having fun or not.

    Thanks to you for providing a glimpse of the IE we might not have otherwise. I enjoy your somewhat quirky sense of humor because it matches mine to a certain extent. (I meant that as a compliment!)

    Please keep posting as time permits. And I’ll keep replying with pithy comments, as will the rest of us, I’m sure.

    Have some chocolate cake with lunch today as a celebration.

    [Shoot, I didn’t see your comment until after lunch. Later this week, perhaps. And thanks for your years of reading and commenting, Ramona. — DA]

  • Scott in the RC

    Happy Anniversary David!

    Now, when are you coming down to Flo’s? I need an excuse to go get some pie! I know any excuse is a good excuse, but this may somehow make it a more legitimate excuse. Anniversary pie!! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    [I was there Friday, in fact. Early anniversary pie! — DA]

  • Bob House

    I know the election’s not until next year, but when it comes to your IE blog, “4 more years, 4 more years . . .” I also think it’s great that your blog is a unique and ever-growing permanent repository of IE lore, factoids and “culture.” Thanks David.

    [I was hoping someone would start that chant! — DA]

  • I only have one question: how does it feel?

    [(Cue swelling organ music.) — DA]

  • Christine Beggs

    Congratulations on your blog, David. There simply isn’t a more entertaining writer in the “909” or So Cal for that matter! Your blog and columns have brought me and others I’m sure countless smiles and guttural giggles – thank you for your journalistic contributions to our community!

    [Aw, shucks. Christine, thanks for the kind words. They’re too kind, but I’ll take ’em anyway. — DA]

  • andy

    You asked for comments. When I post a comment to your blog entry, there is no way for me to track back that comment. It would be nice if there is a feature to get email notifications of comments. Instead, what I do is I have to use my non-existent memory to remember what posts I have commented on and to check that several days later. Most blog softwares have that feature.

    You also review restaurants of the week but you never seem to have anything negative to say about the restaurants. If Jinza had good food but was otherwise a dump inside, say it. If the chicken is as bland as cardboard, say. If the location stinks, say it. If the restaurant attracts ppl with annoying blog comments like me, say it.

    [Andy, I’ll ask someone about trackbacks; on my entries, there’s a checked box that allows trackbacks, but according to a search no one has ever tracked back, so there must be a hangup somewhere. As for my restaurant pieces, I’ll admit I err on the side of kindness, partly because of my nature and partly because most pieces are produced after one visit, an unfairness that doesn’t need to be compounded by me shooting off my mouth. But if I’d thought my Jinza meal was terrible rather than surprisingly good for such its humble setting, I’d have said so. I would disagree that I never say anything negative about any of the restaurants (Grinder Haven and Table to Farm being two recent examples), but perhaps I should be more critical more often. I appreciate the feedback. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Sorry I’m so late adding in my $.02.

    Congrats on 4 years. A long-time reader of your column and an every day reader of the blog (except when duty calls and I have to do a quick catch up such as today–Damned work anyway–Oooh shouldn’t say such a thing in today’s economy, I could find myself without any), I’ve enjoyed every verb and adjective.

    Thanks for being there.

    [You’re welcome, John. Your two cents are always appreciated. Especially in this economy. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Congrats, on four years, for your blog. You keep it polite and respectful. It’s nice to have some place to add, “two cents”, once in a while, without having to join a social network.

    [I agree, and I appreciate all your contributions here over the years, Shirley. — DA]

  • Ignacio Palomares

    Ay Dios Mio! Where does the time go when you are having so much fun (up here). I laugh when I see how my most eastern part of my old rancho is behaving these days. Why do they call it Upland? Why not Downland? You see, we are just now getting Seinfeld up here so excuse the bad pun. Anyway, congratulations on your 4th anniversary and please don’t let those Pomona folks get too far out of your sights. Hasta luego!

    [Always nice hearing from the late founder of Pomona! — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    Happy 10th Dave…been reading since Day 1 I do believe!! My fiancee and I have tried many restaurants thanks to you!!!

    [10th? But thank you! — DA]