9.17.11 in Claremont

They’re calling Saturday “ZIP Code Day” in Claremont, when its 91711 ZIP code will become literal on 9-17-11. An overview of the day’s multitude of events will appear in my Friday column. Here’s the link to the Celebrate91711.com website with a full calendar of events — and there are a lot of fun ones, especially a community photo at 5:30 p.m. in front of the Claremont Depot.

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  • shirley wofford

    Hi David,

    I read all your columns of course — but, the ones about Claremont are especially interesting to me. My daughter has lived there for 25 years, and she and her husband and children have always been very active there. Claremont is a friendly community, with a lot of parent/adult involvment, in the school, sports, and other activities, of the children.

    Anyway, David, regarding your column on the festivities of the Zip Code Day — I think someone might be pulling your leg on the identity of the politician in that picture, by the hammer, on the walkway. I think it is Tom DeLay — why it would be him, in Claremont, I don’t know. But, it looks like TD, and doesn’t even resemble John Boehner, the tan man.

    [Nobody was pulling my leg, but I bet it was an honest mistake on Givens’ part. Tom DeLay was known as The Hammer and Givens must have mixed up whose face was on the hammer. I was so busy typing frantically that I didn’t give the photo much thought. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Whoever was in charge of the Community Picture, blew it — the newspaper man said he would be there, to be in it, and they didn’t wait for him! For shame!

    [Well, the world can’t stop for me. I wouldn’t expect anyone to remember that. But I wish the photog hadn’t jumped the gun because I imagine more people would have shown up too. — DA]

  • barbara f

    Oh heck, I somehow missed the holiday. I really should have mailed a letter …