• Ramona

    I wonder, does one register such a vehicle as an automobile or a motorcycle? The same wondering applies to the driver’s licensing.

    Also, steering wheel or handlebars. Can’t tell from the photo.


    You’re a reporter. Your assignment – should you choose to accept it – is to dig up the facts and report back.

    Do inquiring minds want to know, or is it just me?

    [I can tell you there was a steering wheel. The car was alongside of mine at a light. I decided to get my camera from my glove compartment. He’d pulled ahead by then and was soon off in the distance. — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    Looks like a crime fighting vehicle of some kind!!

  • Alain

    It looks like a “T-REX” 3-wheeler.

    I want one!



    [I was hoping someone would identify the vehicle. Thank you! — DA]

  • Bob House

    This is a “similar” vehicle to one I used to see around 1950s Claremont, the Messerschmidt Kabinenroller. There was also a BMW Isetta (Urkel’s ride, with the opening front end) in town then too. I guess it was avant garde college types bringing European oddities to the town of trees and PhDs.


  • claremont resident #2

    Yes I also believe it is a Canadian TREX. They sell for about $50K.