Out to lunch

55267-sheets2011 005-thumb-236x314-55266.jpg

This is half of the lunch-box display in the Sheets Center for the Arts at the L.A. County Fair, described in my Sunday column.

The photo is a thumbnail; click on the image for a much larger view so you can eyeball the boxes in loving detail.

Did you ever own one of these, or another? (For the record, I had a “Peanuts” vinyl lunchbox.)

Perhaps the most curious of the bunch is the one with the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes logo and Tony the Tiger. Is this a lunch box or a breakfast box?

More lunch boxes, including the Beatles and “Gentle Ben,” are in the other half of the faux lunch box case. You’ll have to go to the Fair yourself to see those.

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  • John Clifford

    Too old to have had any of those. My kids may have although I didn’t recognize any. My daughter still has her Flintstones plastic lunch box.

    My first lunch box (circa 1955) was Roy Rogers and came with “brands” stickers that you pasted on the side panels. I guess we never forget our first.

    [Ha ha. No, we don’t. Thanks, John. — DA]

  • JMac

    This is the lunch box I remember. A boy growing up in the Cold War era needed a lunch box with nuclear subs to defend his pb&j sandwich, Wampums, and thermos filled with Bosco laced milk. Congrats on the blog’s 4th, David.


  • Matt Swift

    My first lunch box that I remember was in first grade. I had a metal yellow school bus lunch box. My second lunch box was the Six Millon Dollar Man.

    [That was a huge upgrade in coolness. — DA]

  • Christine Beggs

    Great piece, David! Saw the exhibit last week and had three of the boxes growing up. What I did remember “flashing back” was that the matching thermos – it really made it cool…until you dropped the box and broke it! Had The Partridge Family, Charlie’s Angels and of course the…Scooby Doo! (My all-time favorite!) Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

    [You’re welcome! Hope you didn’t break your thermos during your “trip” down memory lane. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    I remember having a metal GI Joe one, plus the old metal Star Wars one (to show how old I am, I’d have to call it the “first” Star Wars film, the one from ’77), but I can’t recall any others that I actually carried a lunch in (I bought some as collectibles later). Maybe a plastic one, perhaps. My mom went to the no-logo vinyl bag route to save on money at one point. But I don’t recall ever brown-bagging it to school.

  • Ronald Scott

    I had a Star Wars and a Superfriends lunch box in the late 70s.