Chino gets its food truck on

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Ontario had a food truck festival in June that was a major deal, with a repeat scheduled for Oct. 8. Chino beat Ontario to the punch, however, with a smaller festival in April to benefit the Chino Valley Unified School District. A second one took place Saturday, again at Don Lugo High.

Fourteen trucks were represented at the Foodie Truck Festival, as it’s dubbed. Very nice event, with short, manageable lines and a good range of trucks selling Korean, Mexican, Italian, Filipino, Japanese, American and other foods. LudoBites, Rebel Bites, Bool, Don Chow, Buttermilk, SliceTruck and Pie ‘n’ Burger were among the trucks.

Coolhaus, which sells gourmet ice cream sandwiches, had 20-minute waits at its peak, the longest of the day. I was in line twice as long for the same truck in Ontario. The peanut butter ice cream inside chocolate chip cookies hit the spot on a hot afternoon.

Below, the saddest sight of the festival: Someone’s spilled cupcake from My Delight.

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  • I like food trucks!

  • Ted Melendez

    I remember attending Damien High School 1994-95 and next to the lunch tables we had a lunch truck. I guess it’s smart to bring a lunch truck to a “nice school” they must of figured those kids have money lets go check and see. Also we had a security guard or big kid maning the food zone chainlink perimiter in case too many kids overwelmed the lunch truck area.

    [Lunch trucks are a little different than today’s gourmet food trucks. — DA]

  • judi

    Either someone helped you with the ice cream sandwich photo, or I must compliment you on your manicure. Either way, nice photo. Maybe you should become a food stylist.

    [I’ll pass along your cuticle compliments to my colleague Wendy Leung, who attended the food fest to write about it for the next day’s paper. And also to eat. — DA]

  • Andy

    doh missed it! I have friends who work in Downtown and live in LA and they like the food trucks cause after being bored at restaurant food for lunch, there are seas of revolving food trucks. I only get to drool at their pics. I attended a wedding catered by Coolhaus. I remember they had great cookie flavors, like lemon zest and rosemary… but the ice cream wasn’t really to my fancy, a bit too thick for my likings, but overall greatly loved.

    [I see from our Dine 909 blog that two food trucks (Nom Nom and White Rabbit) will be at the Sixth and Mountain plaza in Ontario Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. — DA]