Happy Columbus Day

Columbus isn’t the revered figure he was in my childhood, or probably yours, but he gave us a holiday, whether we get the day off or not, and that’s something, isn’t it? Thanks, Chris.

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  • Richard Pietrasz

    It was Congress that made today a federal holiday.

    Columbus was a genocidal, greedy slaver. His villainy greatly overshadows his accomplishments. Compared to Hitler, his scope of action was much smaller, but far more severe, and Hitler did pull Germany out of a truly severe depression. That great accomplishment is rightly overshadowed by his other evil deeds. Why should Columbus be treated differently? Is it because his attitudes of maximizing personal profit at any cost to others is so prevalent among the wealthy, including those who own the mainstream media, and specifically the parent corporation of the IEDB?

    “Thanks, Chris” comes across as racist hate speech, and could easily be interpreted as support for the ongoing genocide done by the US military in Iraq and elsewhere.

    DA, I suspect this was merely an insensitive remark on your part, enabled by the remnants of a public education system that considered genocide to be, at most, an unfortunate consequence of one of the largest armed robberies in human history.

    [“Easily”? — DA]

  • Allan

    Gratz to the guy who directed “Home Alone” and “Mrs. Doubtfire” along with a couple of films in the Potter series. Can’t wait for Lucas Day or Spielberg Day though.


    Couldn’t imagine the amount of vitriol you would have gotten if this had been about a holiday like Christmas. 🙂

    [I could write “Thanks, Chris” but with an extra letter. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    I read an article that the citizens of Ohio’s capital city believe this day’s to celebrate them. Even more controversy now?

    [And perhaps Philip Roth believes the day celebrates “Goodbye, Columbus.” — DA]

  • John Baugh

    I guess before Columbus came along all the different Indian tribes got along peacefully. No fighting, no raiding, no war parties; just peaceful coexistence (this is where I wish there was a sarcasm font). If you want to know what America would be like had the Europeans not settled America, look no further than Africa.

  • DAve

    Jeez Richard don’t be such a tool — Columbus discovering this land was by far the best thing that ever happened to everyone living here — he brought the wheel and toilet paper to stone-age savages who still at that late date hadn’t been able to come up with either. For inst-

    If he was trying to commit genocide he sure wasn’t very good at it-

    Similarly if the U.S. military is trying to commit genocide in Iraq they must surely be very incompetent ‘cuz they ain’t killing very many people- but by all means why let logic and evidence stop you and your ilk when you’re on a roll-

    A vicious and totally predictable slander from some mom’s-basement-dwelling slacker not worthy of polishing their boots-

    It is YOU who shows the ravages of a depraved leftist brainwashing of a public-school education-

    Yeah Dave stop your racist hate speech before Richard reports you to Attack Watch-


    [Let’s all remember, the headline began with the word “Happy.” — DA]

  • Ramona

    Good grief!!

    I really wanted to make a salient comment but words fail me.

    Make a note of the date, folks. Words failing me doesn’t happen very often.

    [We’ll await your next comment, Ramona. — DA]

  • Dee

    As my history teacher used to say: He may have discovered America, but it was the queen who gave him the money. LOL.

    The “history” in the books my son is learning from are barely disguised racial rants from the other side. Yes, it DOES describe the native tribes as living in Eden and holding hands while singing Kumbaya. The book also describes the word “gringo” as a “slang term” for white people. I can’t think of any “slang terms” for other races that would be called “slang,” can you?

    The truth is Columbus left orders, before returning to Spain, that the tribes were to be treated with the utmost respect. Unfortunately, he left some soldiers in charge who got in between two warring tribes (yes, the native tribes had discovered warfare without our help, thank you very much) and it all went downhill from there. There is evidence on one of the Caribbean islands, I forget which one, of one of Columbus’ ships being taken apart and used as a fort, against the other, more angry, tribes.

    I hope this doesn’t start a hornet’s nest, but the history being taught today is VERY different from what I was taught.

  • The Columbian Exchange

    If you wanna see a smart, energetic discussion of Columbus, http://www.booktv.org is featuring an interview with author Charles Mann, author of “1493: Uncovering the World Columbus Created.”

    Mann is interviewed by free-thinking Mexican-American writer Richard Rodriguez, who has a few relatives in the area. Mann calls Columbus’ “discovery” of America “The Columbian Exchange,” where all corners of the world come back together.

    Both insist Columbus Day should be celebrated as the start of the modern world. Rodriguez calls Columbus Day his “birthday,” because he is a mestizo, descended from both Indians and Europeans.

  • Erik G.

    I’ll gladly trade all these controversial holidays for mandatory six-weeks of vacation!

  • Ygnacio Palomares

    Ay Dios Mio! as a wise but somewhat misguided American said maany years ago….”Can’t We All Just Get Along?”