Now how much would you pay?

55909-norms 032.jpg

A takeout meal? No, leftovers from a single meal at Norms in Claremont. Arriving at 4:50 p.m. one recent Saturday, I ordered off the before-5 menu: soup, salad, meatloaf, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a mini hot fudge sundae, all for $7.99. The food was pretty good. The leftovers, seen here, made for two modest but satisfying meals.

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  • calwatch

    Next time use a Norm’s coupon: Now it’s a $5.99 deal. Try getting that at Denny’s across the street.

    [Six bucks? Whoa. (But etiquette calls for leaving a tip based on the full amount.) — DA]

  • LizBeth Lucca

    Best onion rings!!

  • claremont resident #2

    I would pay zero. One visit to eat their mediocre food was sufficient to vow not to return. I wonder how long Norm’s can maintain their 1 employee to 1 booth ratio. They can’t be making much money with that many employees.

  • Claremonster

    How much do I have to pay not to look at that?

    [We recommend a contribution of $10, but mail me as much as you like in care of the IVDB. — DA]