Bowl more, spend less

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Saratoga Lanes, St. Louis, Mo.

As mentioned in my Sunday column, I’ve been bowling frequently this year, usually during off-peak hours to save money. All of our local bowling alleys have deals that can save you dough, as long as you don’t mind bowling at, say, the middle of the day, nights after 9 p.m. or before noon on a weekend.

Currently you can bowl at Montclair’s Bowlium for $1 if you get there between 9 and 9:30 a.m. weekend mornings, or for $1.50 if you’re there after 9:30 but before 11.

They have a lot of regulars, including seniors. One man brings three bowling balls and polishes them after each roll. Another carefully points his feet just so before beginning his approach.

A few times I drove to Covina Bowl for 98-cent games. I like its midcentury modern bowling alley, but Covina proved a long way to go to save two cents.

Here are links to the website of each Inland Valley bowling alley, where you can search for deals or find out more. Look under “prices” or “specials,” and remember that the specials may change from time to time.

* The Bowlium, 4666 Holt Blvd., Montclair.

* Brunswick Zone Upland, 451 W. Foothill Blvd., Upland.

* Brunswick Deer Creek Lanes, 7930 Haven Ave., Rancho Cucamonga.

* Chaparral Lanes, 400 W. Bonita Ave., San Dimas.

* Brunswick Foothill Lanes, 17238 Foothill Blvd., Fontana.

* Brunswick Classic Lanes, 1800 Hamner Ave., Norco.

* Brunswick Covina Bowl, 1060 W. San Bernardino Road, Covina.

* Oak Tree Lanes, 990 N. Diamond Bar Blvd., Diamond Bar.

Happy bowling.

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