Robert Lyn Nelson

56424-robtnelson 004.jpg

The painter and Chaffey High alum was honored at Tuesday’s Ontario City Council meeting. Here are links to Friday’s column and to his website. I shot this photo in the City Hall lobby.

In a self-referential bonus, below is a photo of me taking photos. Put the two angles on this scene together and the result could be almost Cubist.

56425-photo (1).JPG

Photo: Otto Kroutil

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  • shirley wofford

    Those paintings are beautiful, just seeing them on a news site. It’s good that the artist, Mr. Nelson, has gained notoriety, in the the art world, but sad that most of us did not know, of him. To be called, his favorite artist, by a former POTUS, and exhibited, in the Smithsonian–wow! Maybe, in a hundred years, from now, when we and Mr. Nelson are all gone, there will be someone holding up a painting, of marine life, at, “Antiques Road Show”, that was purchased at a garage sale, for $5. Then, the appraiser will say that, the painting is an authentic, “Nelson”, and would draw a million dollars, at auction.

    [Maybe! — DA]