RC’s Wii bowling champions

Sunday’s column (read it here) is about the national Wii bowling champions from Rancho Cucamonga’s James L. Brulte Senior Center.

I went to Wednesday’s RC council meeting because they would honor the team with plaques and I thought it would make a cute item. I interviewed three of the team members — first two, and later a third — in the lobby as they left the meeting. Also talked to two Senior Center employees who were also in the lobby. The fourth teammate seemed determined to stick it out in the meeting — he had more staying power than me, at least — so I left after an hour without speaking with him.

Anyway, the column item turned into a full-on essay, as sometimes happens. I wrote up some short items for the end but decided they would be anticlimactic and put ’em aside for next week.

One item, though, will be too old by then. It’s probably too old now, for that matter. It won’t appear in print, but I’ll put it below.

* Two Pomona cops didn’t bat an eye Monday night when approached by a man in a domino mask. Could be because he was their server at Mix Bowl Cafe, they were on dinner break at the restaurant and it was Halloween.

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  • http://empoprise-ie.blogspot.com/ John E. Bredehoft

    This comment that I’m making is probably too old, but aren’t Halloween masks a big problem for banks?

    [Undoubtedly. Do they let tellers dress up that day? — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Don’t worry, David. You won’t be considered a senior citizen, when you turn 50. Just because those, who reach 50, are invited to join the Senior Centers, doesn’t mean they are seniors.

    It’s just more fun and interesting, for real seniors, to participate in activities, that include some members, that are younger, than they are. When one is a real senior, the thought of having to do everything, with only those of the peer age-group, is pretty bleak.

    The respective Centers probably do need to restrict some activities to real seniors, ie, federally funded nutrition lunches, and in some cases, use of the weight training facilities. I think that AARP started it all, in the first place–bringing in the youngins. Those member dollars add up.

    [I suppose you’re right about the thinking at senior centers, Shirley, just as joining an organization for “retired persons” a decade or two before retiring is, as you say, taken for granted. But it is a little comical. — DA]

  • http://www.lagumbay.com/ Allan

    First of all, my sincerest gratitude for the mental image of seniors gathered together to see who is best at gesturing with their wii.

    Secondly, let us not forget that the nintendo wii is a gateway gaming system. Very soon, these seniors will be out there on the Playstation Network or Xbox Live trash talking and pwning n00bs in Modern Warfare 3 based on real-world experience. Then they’ll get their hands on the entire Grand Theft Auto series of games and it’s all guns, drugs, theft, and beating up hookers from there.

    I suppose it’s good exercise.

    [Now it’s my turn to thank you for the mental images! — DA]

  • Andy

    I have eaten at Mix or gotten take out in the order of 60-70 times during my tenure living in the North East of Pomona and experience says that Mix Bowl is by far the safest place to be at night in Pomona. Pomona PD, Claremont PD, Montclair PD, San Bernardino Sheriff.. they can all be found there. I would say every other late night dining experience results in a run in with one or more of these agencies eating there. Having cops eat there all the time is a security force you couldn’t buy even if you had the money!

    [Similar experience here; probably half the time, there’s at least one cop there putting on the feedbag. — DA]