Ice, ice, baby

56483-frost 003.jpg

It wasn’t snow out my window this morning in Claremont below Foothill Boulevard, but it was white. Frost? Ice? Whatever it’s officially called, I haven’t seen it close up in years.

Here’s some of it on my windshield; scatterings were also on my roof and under the landscaping. It was a co-o-o-old night, with heavy rain last evening — the perfect conditions to turn wet stuff into crunchy stuff.

Did you have any where you are?

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  • shirley wofford

    Just as I was writing a comment, for your WI Column, last night, a terrible electric storm came up, and cut off the power–for about a minute or two. It also did something to our TV Satellite dish, because we now can’t turn it off, with the remote. Plus, the rain brought our attention, to a leak, in the roof of our garage. It’s always something!

    Yes, we did have sleet or snow with that storm. Patches of it were still on our lawn, at midnight.

    I always resist turning the furnace on, as long as we can put on a sweater or jacket, because the furnace heat wreaks havic with our skin. But, it was 63 degrees, in the house, this morning, and all the roofs in the neighborhood, were covered with frost. So, on went the heat, for the first time, of the coming winter season.

  • Annette

    Yes! There was ice on my windshield this a.m. in Redlands. Having moved down from the mountains last year, I thought I was having a flashback.

    P.S. As a native Pomonan returned to the IE after 20+ years in other parts of Southern California, I enjoy reading your blog and catching up on my hometown.

    [Nice to hear, Annette. Thanks. And welcome back. — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    Where there’s ice there’s water? Rimshot? no NBA booo

  • Ramona

    As a rule of thumb, David, if one can pick up individual pieces of that cold stuff such as on your windshield, it’s hail.

    If the stuff just kinda clumps together but builds up a bit and sticks around for a while, it’s sleet. It’s too solid to make a good snowball.

    More wisdom from a transplanted mid-westerner.

    As for me, nothing but rain here where I am in Rancho.

    [Maybe it was hail, then. I tend to think of hail as something that lands and melts rather than sticking around, but they were individual pieces, as you said. Sorry you didn’t get any of it. — DA]