If you’re in a jam…


In SoCal, this should be a popular place. This insurance office is located off the 10 Freeway in Claremont, handy if you want protection before you enter the onramp. If you need surface street insurance, you’ll have to keep looking.

I wonder what it’s like inside the Freeway Insurance office. My guess is the Muzak is talk radio. OK, your turn.

This is the latest in our insurance name series, which so far encompasses insurance for gladiators and safaris and hammers.

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  • Dwight Siebert

    One of my favorites, Elvis Swindle Insurance in Montclair…..

    [Yes, and how a man named Elvis Swindle got elected mayor is another mystery. But I guess he could say that in insurance or politics, with a name like that, he wasn’t hiding anything. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I know the Montclair Mayor is not Elvis Swindle, so I wonder what city he served, as Mayor. How funny–Mayor Swindle–I hope he wan’t elected for the fun of it, like some officials are. Then perhaps, you are not talking about the same man in both instances–two men with that name–even funnier.

    I wonder if Freeway Insurance would keep its name, if it had to move, to an inner-city office.

    [Elvis Swindle really was mayor of Montclair, in the ’70s or maybe ’80s. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Wow, now that has me red-faced. I lived here then, and worked at the City, too. Will check this out.

    [I’m fuzzy on when he was mayor and it may have been earlier than I thought. — DA]

  • Fred Henderson

    Is this any relation to the Elvis Swindle that sold insurance during the ’50s? He had an office out on West Second in Pomona.

    Fred Henderson
    Everett, WA

    [I can’t imagine it was a different Elvis Swindle! — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    I looked through through the history, that the City put out in 2006, and I can’t find any mention of him. I have turned to a former, still active, colleague, for information–I hope I will be able to clarify when he served–who knows, it might have been a, “Swindle”.

    [Shirley went on to email me a list of everyone who ever held office in Montclair and Swindle wasn’t among them. I must have remembered that wrong or I was misinformed by someone somewhere along the way. Sorry for the error. — DA]