Column: Upland does its best to ‘vex, injure and annoy’

Wednesday’s column (read it here) is on Monday’s Upland City Council meeting, at least nominally. I managed to write 600 words or so before really even getting to any of the official business. Hope you enjoy it.

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  • Hal Tanner

    Regarding Upland’s council meeting last night, I salute the council’s courage in referring my gadfly writings to the Council’s Advisory Committee for a public report consideration. It seems we are both gadfies. You are more humorous than I, but we are both persistent critics. To be recognized as a gadfly by you is a true compliment. Keep up the good work.

    Hal Tanner

    [You’re welcome. Usually when I refer to frequent speaker at council meetings as a gadfly, they demand an apology! — DA]

  • Dean

    Does that make me the biggest dork ever because I used to LOVE going to Rancho council meetings in high school? I even did my senior research project — during my junior year (read: overachiever) on the City of Rancho. I have always had a strange pull towards local government and even all the scandals of late haven’t deterred me from my goal of maybe one day being an Assistant City Manager.

    [You sound like the Leslie Knope of RC. But that’s cool. The world could use more Leslie Knopes. — DA]