Is this photo a-peeling?

56676-peel 001.jpg

A new entrant in what’s turning into a photo series documenting Items Found in Public Right of Way in Pomona (previous finds: donut, playing card).

Crossing Mission Boulevard at Garey on foot Sunday, I spotted this banana peel at the southwest curb. Careful! Don’t slip!

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  • Allan

    * Its careful placement in close proximity to cracks in the sidewalk reveals an insidious plot to force unsuspecting pedestrians to break their mothers’ backs.

    * It was there to re-ignite an old moniker given to the upstart town of Pomona by residents of nearby Spadra.

    * Code monkey like fritos, tab, mountain dew, and sometimes banana too.

    * APE! APE! APE! APE!

    (last two comments heavily influenced by the JoCo/TMBG concert I went to last night)

    [TMBG! Allan’s second reference was to the derisive nickname Monkeytown. Its origins appear lost to history. — DA]

  • Paul Ochsner

    I heard that a banana peel in the gutter inspired Frank Zappa to write “The Streets of Fontana” sung to the tune of “The Streets of Laredo.”

    [I believe that’s true. — DA]