Column: Methinks RC protest law is protested too much

I attended Wednesday’s Rancho Cucamonga City Council meeting because our RC reporter, Wendy Leung, is on vacation. Somebody ought to be there, I though.

Turned out to be pretty interesting, as the council passed the final version of rules regarding protests in the community (which happen now and then), over the protests of a few and to the confusion of many, including yours truly. Read the column here, and comment below if you like.

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  • shirley wofford

    David, we have an abortion clinic, in the City of Montclair, that I wish were not there–I wish the City had never given that facility, a permit. There are protestors, who stand on the sidewalk, by the Clinic, at least one day, of every week, and show posters that are so gruesome, I drive on by, and refuse to look.

    Then, there are those people, from that Westboro Baptist Church, in Kansas, who travel all over the country, harrassing the families and friends, of the deceased, who are being laid to rest.

    I once called you, about a petitioner, who had his table set up, on the sidewalk, in front, of the Post Office, on Mountain Ave, in Ontario, collecting signatures, to impeach Obama. He had posters, of Obama, adorned with a “Hitler” mustache, tied together, and adorned, around the trunk, of a, nearby, tree. I was livid, with anger, at that man, and his accomplice, who stood, against the railing, at the entrance, to the PO, speaking against our President, and our Government. If I could have knocked them both silly, I would have.

    I later ran into other people, in Los Angeles, with the same petition, and the same, mustached posters, of Obama, and learned that they are members of the, Lyndon LaRouche group. I, loudly, voiced my opinion that, they were, “Sick”.

    Now, we have the RC Council, making laws, as to what a person, protesting anything, may carry with them, when they are present, in the group protesting. What if someone is carrying a purse, with a handgun in it? Are all the protestors now going to have to go through special security, before they step on the sidewalk, just like they do at concerts, etc?

    It looks like, we are teetering, on the edge. I have to accept, and others have to accept that, vileness, is in the eye, of the beholder. We must do what we, respectively, should, to educate ourselves, about who is right, and who is wrong, and who is good, and who is bad. When, we determine those things, for ourselves, we then should use our own opinions, to vote.

    The RC Council needs, to back off. There are already laws, to prevent crime. The Sheriffs should be notified, if a protest, that could be a problem, is occurring. They need to be present, on the lookout, and ready to step in, if they see infractions, of the law. But, looking to see, if someone has something with them, that they could use to throw–please! Period!