• Elaine Benes

    Get Out!!!! Why are cupcakes sooooooo in right now? I still think the muffin top is the way to go. If Babu ever gets back to the good ‘ol USA….maybe him and I will start one up in Altacucawanda!

    [I can see the menu now: muffin tops and big salads! Oh, and frozen yogurt. — DA]

  • don stockwell

    Sorry to hear about Jim Maples, he was my neighbor on 5th st. in Ontario in 1969. God Bless him, I think he taught me how to play Poker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and Harvey Wallbangers !!!!!!!!!!

    [Don is referring to today’s obituary for Jim Maples, a longtime local resident, retired Daily Bulletin adman and until recently a volunteer member of our editorial board. — DA]

  • bobbie smith

    OMG….another cupcake place….WTF!!!

    Is this a phase, like my wife changing her underwear….

  • Rob Fortune

    This place is truly AWSOME… I was never really into cupcakes but after having a Maple Bacon cupcake and sharing the experience of great customer service I’m truly a fan of this store. My wife’s baby shower is approaching and I have a good idea what she wants to serve our friends and family, does anyone know where another is located or is this a franchise hmmmm?

    [It’s the only one, Rob. I’m sure they’d appreciate your baby shower business. — DA]

  • Ty Paige

    Great cupcakes are served, I love the service everyone is absolutely polite it is a very calming location and shop, I would not be opposed to coming back.