Column: Chino Hills, Dr. Who connection

Friday’s column (read it here) isn’t anything weighty, under the theory that almost no one is reading the paper today. I compiled three items sent in by readers, all inessential but all fun. Enjoy (if you’re reading)!

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  • shirley wofford

    Hi David,

    If I were a CH resident that would be residing near the power monsters, I would be most concerned about available research, determining whether or not the lines would emit air-waves that could pose a cancer threat to the residents.

    Do you happen to know, if the Condoleezza Rice-Address will be funneled by audio and screen, to the adjacent auditorium, as was done with the Karl Rove-Address? Doing such with Rove, was a way for people, unconnected, like me, to see and hear him, even though the student-protestors tried to ruin it. I can’t imagine anything they would do, to protest Rice.

    [I’m not aware of arrangements for Rice’s appearance but use of the overflow room is likely guess. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    IF you are reading???? 😉

    [WHEN you are reading, in your case, Ms. Lois! — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    I just want to say that this was the awesome-est column ever.

    That’s all I have to say.

    [Of course, having contributed the first third of that column, you might be biased. — DA]