Column: In ‘Innocents,’ Twain was a wiseguy abroad

Sunday’s column (read it here) is one of my occasional books-oriented columns, in this case about my recent reading of Mark Twain’s “The Innocents Abroad.” (The Wikipedia entry on the book is here.)

I’m a little sheepish about these (perhaps rightfully so?) and slipped this one into print on a holiday weekend when news is scarce and many readers are probably otherwise occupied. I figure most of you dedicated enough to read my blog will think it’s perfectly fine that I throw away a column now and then on a personal interest, but feel free to condemn me or buck me up.

I’ve written two or three Twain-related columns before (after “Roughing It” and “Connecticut Yankee”) and will likely produce a handful more in the next few years, assuming I keep reading him as I intend to. Sheepish or not, in retrospect I wish I’d written one after reading “Life on the Mississippi,” which may be my favorite so far.

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  • Ramona

    Just keep writing about what moves you, David. I can’t think why anyone would object to you sharing your thoughts about reading a Mark Twain classic. Most of us have read Twain at some point and come away better for it.

    I know your column is oriented to the IE and stuff happening here but I hope you can be allowed to veer into the intellectual once in a while.

    As for me, I say, “Good on ya!”

    [Thanks, Ramona. I do like to toss in an oddball column now and then, whether it’s about a book or a personal experience. Writing 156 of these things per year, I figure I’m entitled to indulge myself now and then. But I do wonder what some think upon seeing a column about Mark Twain on Page 4 of their newspaper. — DA]

  • Doug Evans

    I love the Twain stuff! Actually everything I was going to say Ramona just said. It’s your column; you should be able to write about what you think is interesting. That’s what made Jack Smith famous! Right? So: Twain on!