Occu-pie Chino

56817-flos 002.jpg

A slice of pumpkin supreme at Flo’s Airport Cafe, Chino, shot as I occu-pied a seat at the counter recently. I visit once a month for a slice of pie. To save the drive, maybe I should pitch a tent in the parking lot.

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  • Ramona

    M-m-m-m-m! Pie!

    If you were to occu-pie that parking lot at least we could all figure out what the goal of your occupation is. PIE!

    With the rest of those folks occupying areas I just don’t understand what they hope to accomplish short of making a mess and killing the grass.

    [My goal, while perhaps lacking in ambition, is simple and achievable. — DA]

  • http://empoprise-ie.blogspot.com/ John E. Bredehoft

    That looks like 99% whipped cream and 1% pumpkin.

    All we are saying is give piece a chance.

    [Not whipped cream, but whatever it is that’s in a cream pie. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Based on the delicious-looking shot of the pie slice, I say pitch a tent. Is Flo’s your top choice for pie in the 909?

    [It is, it is. They have more pie than anybody outside of Coco’s or Callender’s, and it’s all made from scratch in the back. — DA]

  • Allan

    I’ve found that after this past weekend, I occupy more space. Pie, stuffing, and other forms of carbs are probably 99% responsible for this current situation. Doesn’t help that I’m part of Occupy The Couch which was originally started and enthusiastically supported by a house cat.

    I give the weekend two arms up with wiggly fingers or jazz hands or whatever it is they use to convey approval.

    [Will anyone in authority try to roust you from the couch or are you there for the duration? — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Allan is funny. I suggest, that he contact NBC about the, “Tonight Show.” They are desperately in need of comedy writers, for Jay.

    [Allan would doubtless hate to give up his glamorous day job in the basement of the Pomona Library. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    Is that the airport Flo’s or do you save your gas per diem and “cheat” and go to Riverside Dr? Do you hardworking, ever prodding journalists receive the mileage stipend that the sales people get?

    [It really is Airport Flo’s. I’m not sure Riverside Drive Flo’s is any closer to our office, actually. And while we do get mileage, I don’t get mileage to eat lunch, so my 30-minute (!) drive to Flo’s was on me. No wonder I visit only once per month. — DA]