Column: Outdoor view of Outdoor Man store looks familiar

Today’s column (read it here) is in part about how Rancho Cucamonga’s Bass Pro Shops is body-doubling for the fictional Outdoor Man store in the Tim Allen sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

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  • shirley wofford

    I haven’t seen Tim Allen’s sitcom, but I bet when word gets around that his fictional store, is a picture, of the real store, they will get more lookey-loos. My husband is a fisherman, and when he goes to the Bass Pro Shop, I just tag along, to look at all the stuffed wild life, and the real fish, in the store’s man-made creek. That store is a mall in itself–I don’t know how it survives, financially–but, if the recent relevation, by your attentive reader, helps business–great!

  • DebB

    I haven’t been to Bass Pro Shops yet, but the first night of the sitcom I was pretty sure that was Outdoor Man’s stand-in. Nice to know I was right! And Shirley makes it sound pretty interesting inside — maybe I’ll stop by there just for curiosity’s sake. I guess there must be enough “outdoor men” in RC and environs to keep the store going!

    [I’ve visited the store two or three times just to gawk. It’s an experience. The adjoining restaurant, Islamorada, is worth trying, if that helps make the drive worthwhile. I believe it was a Restaurant of the Week here. — DA]