Column: Funny how the funny pages are back

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Wednesday’s column (read it here) is my third annual look at some of the new book collections of classic newspaper comic strips. My feeling is, what better place to highlight such collections than in a newspaper? If anyone’s going to care, it ought to be us. Anyway, this is the first year I’ve thought to include a photo. The book that’s open, which reprints “Captain Easy,” is 11-by-15, so use that as a scale to judge the others.

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  • shirley wofford

    Hi David,

    My favorites, when I was a kid, were Dick Tracy and Dagwood and Blondie. It was just so mind-blowing, that DT and his contacts, were communicating, with those wrist radios–unbelievable!

    In recent years, since I am older, I had gravitated to, “Peanuts”, for one reason, only–Snoopy. There is nothing cuter, than when he is baking cookies, and taking on, his many alter egos–the lawyer, author, pilot, and detective, and many more. I have a single news clipping, where the kids are eating breafast, and one of them wants to know, who brought the dog flakes–there is the little guilty one, sitting there, looking so innocent. It is amazing to me, how Schulz could bring out those personalities, and make them seem alive. I will never forgive the DB, for canceling that strip.

    [Well, the man died, Shirley. Many newspapers run his repeats, while we prefer to give that space (and the money, i.e., employment) to a living cartoonist. Seems fair to me. — DA]

  • shirley wofford

    Anything, that makes for more employment–I give thumbs up.

  • Bob House

    Google map of Independent Bookstores in So Cal, including at least 1 in the IE and some comics and record stores too:
    From the HHidden LA website.