Column: In RC, completed trail also has sailboats

57124-Foothill Blvd-009.jpg

Friday’s column (read it here) is about Wednesday’s dedication ceremony in Rancho Cucamonga for the completion of the Pacific Electric Trail. That was accomplished in part thanks to the new bridge over Foothill Boulevard, replacing the narrow, 1929 bridge that was removed last year.

The rendering above is what one side of the bridge will look like in a far future era when we’re all using jetpacks. Note the cutouts of the states through which Route 66 passes, a nice touch.

In the photo below, I’m on the dirt embankment on the south side of Foothill after crossing the bridge, looking at the Illinois-themed imagery imprinted on the abutment. I’m writing down “windmill, hills, oak tree.” Photographer Thomas Cordova snapped the picture because it looked like I was conducting an interview with empty air. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image of…nothing.

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  • warren

    THe bridge looks nothing like the one I used to go under on the way to Chaffey College. But then the grapevines are gone and Chaffey is no longer in the middle of nowhere.

  • Ramona

    I’ve been bypassing Foothill Blvd. from Rancho to anywhere to the west for so long – traffic tie-ups aren’t my thing either – that I’ll probably forget to use it when the bridge work is finally done. Hopefully, someone (I’m looking at you, David) will let us know when we can move smoothly about.

    Speaking of bridge work, I just remembered that I have an appointment with my dentist ($$$) on Monday. Good thing the Christmas shopping is done and paid for.

    [I’m sure I’ll be writing about the bridge when it’s done. RC’s, not yours, Ramona. — DA]