Column: Lawn protest leads to green for bureaucrat

Sunday’s column (read it here) leads off with a comment on the now-infamous L.A. public housing chief who lives in Rancho Cucamonga, followed by items on the Pomona City Council, cultural events of note, a flubbed sign on the 60 Freeway and driving to the OC on surface streets.

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  • shirley wofford

    Putting aside the politics, of the situation, with the L.A. Public Housing Chief, I wonder if the 1.2 million dollars he received, in severance, was enough to allow him, to keep his RC home, so that he won’t have, to wonder, where his next bite, is going to come from, like the other 20+ million unemployed, in America, right now.

    When it comes to public protests, I wish that there were a law, making one’s personal residence, a place of privacy, where others may not infringe, for the purpose, of intimidation. Children and other family members, of the person targeted, should not have to be, also, intimidated and frightened, by such actions.

    I think the housing residents, in L.A., should have protested, at the Housing Chief’s L.A. office, and not, at his home, in RC. However, I don’t think he should have targeted, the participating renters, for the purpose of retaliation, either, unless they had made dangerous threats, against his personal safety.

    [To be fair, I think the evictions were said to be coincidental and not based on their having protested, but you can draw your own conclusions on the likelihood of that. — DA]