• Stephen

    It could have been “Sycamore Inn and Teak House”! 😀

    [That wood have been nice. — DA]

  • Ramona

    And to think that just a few blog entries ago you and I agreed that the place had class.

    Jeez! Did we jinx it, do ya suppose?

    [If the two of us agreed the place had class, maybe it’s a case of “consider the source”! — DA]

  • John Fatini

    Yes a real classy place to have dinner.

  • It suppose to be a 4 star type of steakhouse, you would think they would take care of issues like this.

    I took a date here once and the steak was so rare that it was mooing when i poked at it with my fork.

    [To be fair, they did fix the sign fairly quickly. Replacing neon isn’t like screwing in a new bulb. — DA]