Beware of electronic dog


At a stoplight in Ontario recently, I spotted this security company’s van and snapped this picture. Unusual slogan. I wonder what the “7,000 teeth” part means? Is it one tooth per volt?

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  • Ted M

    brings to mind all the people with dogs traveling in cars lol

  • hugh.c.mcbride

    “What has 7,000 teeth and no conscience?” would’ve made a great question for Carnac the Magnificent.

    I tried to come up with an appropriately wacky response, but every answer I thought of would’ve surely been deemed offensive by Tea Partiers, West Virginians, & Tea Partiers from West Virginia.

    And after The Great Columbus Day Blog Massacre, I’ve learned the importance of treading lightly ’round these parts … 🙂

    [Correct answer: the House of Representatives? If anyone complains that we’re not treading lightly enough to accommodate their delicate sensibilities, we’ll blame Carnac. — DA]