Restaurants of the year

Not much point in penning a Restaurant of the Week for Dec. 23, although if you were planning to get a burrito or Thai food this weekend and needed my guidance, my apologies. Instead, let’s look back at 2011.

I wrote about visits to 39 restaurants, and to my knowledge only one of them (Buckboard BBQ) later closed. Then there was Freddie Mae’s, which closed after my meal but before I could write it up. Hiccups like that, plus vacations and special features like this, kept me from writing 52 RoWs in 52 weeks.

I hit at least one restaurant in every city of our coverage area, from Fontana to Chino Hills.

Among the highlights: Magic Lamp, Pho Ha, Senor Baja, Babylon, Eureka, Corner Deli, The Deli, Roberta’s Village Inn, The Heights, Red Chilli House, Nara, Sabor Mexicano and Molly’s Souper. None of my meals was terrible or inedible, although lunches at 2nd on 2nd St. and Zeke’s came close.

It’s too much trouble to look all those up and link to them, but if you’d like to read or reread them, that’s what the search function is for, as well as our city-by-city category listings. I’d encourage you to make use of both.

Where did you have a memorably good or bad meal in the Inland Valley in 2011?

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