Merry Christmas


The manger scene along the Euclid Avenue median in Ontario makes a nice image for today, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, Sunday’s column, about a particularly inspired Ontario council meeting, can be read here.

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  • Will Plunkett

    When I first saw the sheep, I thought it was Yoda. I didn’t know Lucas’ CGI changes reached such long time ago, far, far away in the past. The Chosen One, this child will be.

  • shirley wofford

    I drove down to Euclid today to walk around, and look at the Nativity Scenes. I parked by this one, and walked up to take a close look. Yes, the whole display is serene–almost too serene. There was nobody else there, and I thought I better high-tail it, before one of those open-carry people showed up.

    My, oh my, oh my! That’s all that spaghetti eaters ever wanted–to dine, surrounded by a table of other diners, ready to defend them, if anybody else strange, charged in, blazing away. Don’t they know, that they should have been in Tuscon AZ, last year, with all those other open carriers. Maybe they could have done some real good, instead, of just getting attention.

  • Hey, That Sheep is a Donkey

    Uh. I’m not a fan of open-carry, but they’re the least of your problems in downtown Ontario. But you’re right, the Euclid Nativity Scenes are worth a closer look, an exercise in meditation.

    Why do Dave’s Holiday Blogs always cause trouble?