• shirley wofford

    The designers of this Ad campaign are geniuses. Noone could look, at the lizard doing his jig, at the line dance party, without laughing. So much better than those guys slapping cows, for Carl’s Jr. I hope that guy was fired (wouldn’t I be surprised, if they were from, one and the same, Ad Company!).

  • Ramona

    I took advantage of the Geico admen brain power recently when I mentioned to a neighbor that I had no electricity that morning.

    Of course, she asked me why. Although it was a scheduled outage from Edison for repairs to equipment I told her that one of the hamsters had died.

    She got it.

  • Bob Terry

    Maybe if they had stayed at their original location in Rancho at Vineyard & Foothill…think KFC/Senor Baja, then it’s just possible their billboard would have been better made. Driving to the Mills to buy insurance just doesn’t jive.