• shirley wofford

    In view of all the absolute horror and carnage, we have been exposed to, this past year, in fact, this past week, I guess we should give thanks, that your stories are, strange/weird, “Lite”:

    (1) I would bet that someone advised the guy, with the recent, surgically-repaired neck, to go ahead, and sue the City, even though he knows, his claim is frivolous. I bet the friend, has told him that, since the City would not want, to spend the costs, to defend his charges, he will probably, at least, get something.

    (3) This is one, of those incidents, where a lie was told, when the truth, would have fit better. All she had to do, to escape deeper scrutiny, about her personal situation, was to say, that she was married.

    (8) This reminds me, of a job application, that I was reviewing, at my place, of employment, many years ago. In the space, requesting the applicant’s marital status, she wrote, “Great.”