No columns

I’ve been out from work sick the past three days, which means no column today or Sunday. I hope to be back at it next week. My annual roundup of my favorite Inland Valley quotes of 2011 will be in the paper Saturday and I’ll link to that here once it’s online.

Oh, and happy New Year!

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  • Ms. Lois

    Happy New Year and oh, feel better!

  • Ramona

    Aw geez, David. What a way to end the year. But at least you got through Christmas OK, right?

    Rest up, drink liquids, and feel better soon.

    Happy 2012!

  • John Clifford

    Hmmm, it’s Saturday and I looked for the touted quotes of the year but didn’t see them. Did I miss them?

    [You mean in the paper? It was across the top of A1. If you mean here, I just posted the link. — DA]

  • John Clifford

    Oh yes, and get well. Missed columns are hard on we addicts.

    [Thanks for the good wishes and the compliment. Missing columns is tough on columnists too! — DA]

  • Ted Melendez

    David Allen is printed Wednesdays and sometimes Friday and Sunday.

    [Ha! — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    My Sundays With David streak is over in 2012 before it even began? That’s OK, we will begin again next Sunday on Elvis’ birthday.

    [Thankyewverramuch. — DA]

  • Will Plunkett

    Weird. It seems as if the comments here have gone back in time, to zero. Ancient Mayan computer prophecy?