Turn left at the double arrow

57556-double10 002.jpg

On Foothill Boulevard just east of Towne Avenue in Claremont, some agency, rather than replace the faded sign pointing to the 10 Freeway, simply posted a nice new one several feet behind the old one. I guess sign removal must be done by a different agency.

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  • andy

    Do we both live off of Towne?

    [I don’t, but I pass that intersection once or twice a week. — DA]

  • Kellie

    At least we will be really sure the 10 is that way.

    [Yes, they’re really driving that point home. — DA]

  • Bob Terry

    I know that Caltrans is responsible for all freeway signage, etc., but I can’t help wonder if the People’s Republic of Claremont has a hand in keeping the old one up. They are a very nostalgic group.

    [Ha ha! — DA]

  • judi

    Maybe the signs are for the backseat driver. “Turn left here! I SAID TURN LEFT HERE!”